See Your Home in a New Light

There’s nothing like a new year to get your home (and your life) in good shape. You can change the whole atmosphere of your home just by careful use of lighting. By swapping out old, dated light fixtures for new, modern lighting, you can transform both the functionality and the mood of the rooms within your home. Whether it’s illuminating task areas such as kitchen counters or desk surfaces or enhancing relaxation with mood lighting, Current Solutions Electrical can help.

Here are some bright ideas for your home:

Entryway – Sometimes called a mudroom or a foyer, this room is the first thing you, your family, and every guest sees when entering the house. The right lighting helps create a warm, welcoming feeling—and a good first impression for visitors. It also serves a practical function by providing more light in what is often a dimly-lit area.

Kitchen – The kitchen is the heart of any home. It’s where food is regularly prepared, so kitchen space needs to be properly lit so the cook can see. Lighting should be utilitarian and task-oriented. Under-cabinet lighting is a fantastic way to brighten this area of the home.

Dining room – Whether it’s a weekday family supper or a lavish dinner party, a good dining room is one that allows everyone to enjoy a delicious meal together. Strategically placed track lighting or a beautiful pendant/chandelier directly over the table will ensure people can see their food—and each other. This can encourage conversation, lighting up the faces of those around the table.

Bathroom – Depending on the layout of the room and the mood you want to create, many electrical improvements can be made to your bathroom to make it more comfortable, modern, and efficient.  Heated flooring, new lights (a shower light for example), and bathroom fans are just some of the electrical elements that Current Solutions Electrical has installed in homes around Fredericton.

Living room – Like the name suggests, this room is meant to be lived in! It’s likely where you spend the majority of your leisure time and entertain guests, so it makes sense to make it comfortable. Lighting in living rooms should be easily controllable (pro tip: dimmer switches allow you to adjust the lighting perfectly). It’s also a room that typically requires many outlets to power electrical devices; Current Solutions Electrical’s electrician can safely re-wire these outlets so that they are better placed for your convenience.

Bedroom – Your bedroom should feel like a sanctuary. It’s where you go to unwind and relax, and yet too many people step into a floodlit room at the end of the day, which can disrupt sleep. Lamps or wall lights are a great alternative to overhead lighting. Consider adding better lighting in your closets too so you can easily find what you need to get ready. Readers, be sure to invest in good lighting so you don’t hurt your eyes. TV lovers, we can wire your bedroom to power a flat screen television.

Lastly, consider the outside of your home. Adding lighting around your property illuminates your home at night to deter burglars. Whether it’s motion-sensing lights, spotlights, photo-cells (to turn on your lights as soon as it gets dark), or path lights so you and guests have an easier time navigating the walk to your doorway in the dark, outdoor home lighting is always a good investment.

Current Solutions Electrical can bring any of these ideas to light.