How can I make my house feel more like home?

There are countless ways to modernize your home as personal preferences and styles change.
Modern electrical renovations help bring them all to light!

Whether it's enhancing aesthetics, improving your vision, or setting the mood, the right lighting can do wonders.
Selling? Modern electrical can even increase your home's resale potential.

Contact the right electrician to make your house feel more like a home.


New lighting, contemporary switches, and modern outlets can drastically improve the look and feel of your house, making everyone in it feel more at home.

Home decorating styles change over time. Enhance your home's décor and atmosphere by adding modern electrical like accent lighting and dimmer switches.


Ever wish an outlet was closer to your bed? Or a receptacle was where you get ready every morning?

People, especially those who have recently moved into a new house, often want outlets and/or lights in different locations to better serve their needs. Current Solutions Electrical can help!



A surefire way to modernize your home is to replace old fuse boxes with circuit breaker panels. Circuit breakers are much more safe.

Panel upgrades better support more electrical load, so you can
power more of what you love.