How can my household be better prepared?

Power outages are caused by many things, including bad weather, short circuits, and surges (all the more reason
to keep safety top of mind!). Hurricane Arthur, for example, motivated many New Brunswickers to
consider backup energy sources so they're prepared for future power outages.

Don't get stuck in the dark during a power outage!
The right electrician can help you stay prepared.

Combat power outages

We've all experienced that moment of dread when the lights flicker and the power goes out. Now what...?

A backup generator is a solid solution. When power is lost, generators can be turned on to provide your home with a reliable power supply.

Generators are a good idea for those who want to prevent food spoilage, those who rely on electricity to power medical equipment, and those who live in an area with frequent or prolonged blackouts.

Stay connected

Cell phone dead? Need internet?
Working from home?

With the growing dependence on electronics and technology, choose to stay connected by investing in a
backup energy source.

Current Solutions Electrical can install a generator to power your devices when the power goes out in Fredericton, helping our tech-savvy friends breathe
a sigh of relief.


Protect Investments

A spike in your home's electrical
current can damage appliances and electronics (refrigerators, ovens, computers, etc.). These items aren't cheap, so it pays to protect them!

Surge protection helps keep your investments safe by blocking incoming surges to your home caused by
power outages and short circuits.

Current Solutions Electrical can assist by installing the appropriate protection for your home.