How can I become more energy efficient?

It's no secret that energy efficiency can save you money. To combat rising energy prices in New Brunswick,
many residents are investing in modern electrical innovations to make their homes more energy efficient.

Save moneyand the environmentby contacting the right electrician.

Stay warm,
Keep cool

Heat pumps (HVAC units) are an environmentally-friendly alternative to electric, oil, and propane heating. Making the switch to HVAC units can help you save money on heating bills, as well as clean air and dehumidify rooms
in your home.

Heat pumps maximize heating in the winter and provide a cooling option in the summer.

Set it &
Forget it

Current Solutions Electrical can help
keep your house cozy in the cold
and cool in the heat.

You can reduce energy usage by automating home comfort with a programmable thermostat.

Imagine automatically adjusting
the temperature of your house,
even while you're not at home.


Tired of changing light bulbs? Here's a bright idea: switch to LED lighting!

LED (light emitting diodes) bulbs consume up to 90% less power than traditional bulbs. This energy-efficient light contains no toxic materials and is extremely long-lasting (~50,000 hours).

Making the switch does not require an electrician (although we can help with commercial upgrades); it's just a pro-tip!